ATV2 Project 1: Creating surfaces Exercise 2.2

I’ve chosen tracing paper for some of the samples, as I felt the sheen, opaqueness and the way it’s rather rigid and tears rather than folds was rather related to some of the chosen drawings. Fragile, sheer, milky white, see through ish were all words I could ascribe to some of my chosen drawings.

The techniques I decided to use were burning/ melting, pleating, crumpling and stabbing. It was hard to limit myself but I believe very much in limitation being the mother of creativity so I went with it!

Next I chose squared note paper. The grids worked well with especially the drawing of the net on the May Morris piece and also the bubble wrap piece.

I chose pages from 1956 Lion annual, the texture and colour of the paper worked so well for the textured drawings of the embroidered bag detail and the drawing made with a 4” paintbrush. I also used some old music book paper which was a similar texture but thinner

I experimented with the tracing paper first. To add texture to it I scrunched it (frustrating as it ripped, it’s too brittle really)

I then stabbed at it with a pencil (quite cool, it reminds me of upholstery with its dents and folds)

And then I decided to try burn small holes in it. I discovered the paper melts and distorts rather than creates holes and I loved the blisters it created!

Again the upholstery thing but also mould, lichen…

I then pleated the squared paper. I like the patterns and contrast and texture this created

Crumpling this paper was more successful than the tracing paper because it’s not as brittle, more pliable.

Burning this paper was less interesting and more dangerous than the tracing paper as it caught fire quickly but I amazed to scorch some of it as well as burn holes in it inadvertently. Good texture and the colour was reminiscent of the embroidered bag detail

Pleating then crumpling was interesting, i guess it’s a tie-dye technique and distributes the crumbles in bands perpendicular to the pleats and creates neat pleats in bands too

March 31st:

Having had a few weeks of solid work and no progress on this project I came back to this this morning. I’ve decided to stop burning paper in my living room and despite having said the thing about limitation being the mother of invention I did decide to add another technique to my arsenal as burning was clearly off the menu for all but the tracing paper. Stabbing had proven to be a bit rubbish for all the papers so I decided I would allow myself the use of a hole punch to add a way of making holes in my papers. Some of my drawings had very neatly punctured holes (the netting) so I felt hole punching was a good way to translate this on to paper. I did feel my creativity running out towards the end but liked my final fan folded tissue paper a lot. Nevertheless I’m eager to move on to the stitching phase!



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