MMT2 reflection

Jennie Caminada
1 min readDec 18, 2020

I again struggled to keep a sketchbook during this module. There just wasn’t anything to draw or plan. It felt like the exercises were pretty presciptive and there wasn’t any designing or observing involved. For the final part of the joining and wrapping exercises I found as always I worked in a material-led way and even tough I did some drawings they didn’t in any way inspire me to create any pieces. It just feels in a very hands on practical course I am still not sure where a sketchbook fits in.

I did very much enjoy this assignment and got a lot out of looking at everyday joining and wrapping methods with a designer’s eye. It was nice exploring some new materials and I really enjoyed drawing and stitching into photographs, such a freeing method! I often have ideas that cannot be executed as the scale is too big, and now I can at least imagibe what it would look like to carry them out without worrying about not having access to large fences to crochet into or funds to carry out large scale work. Being able to wrap a Barbara Hepworth sculpture in hand dyed wool was great!

Assessment criteria:

demonstration of technical and visual skills

quality of outcome

demonstration of creativity




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