MMT3:4 Sorting

Jennie Caminada
2 min readOct 22, 2020


  • How well have you used your drawing/ sketch book?

I did not used my sketchbook for this assignment at all. It appeared there wasn’t really any planning to do, and any notes on the technical process and the experiments went on to this blog. I do draw but not relating to the MMT module.

  • Did you use colour?

Yes I used colour in my work, not masses, just in the samples that went further than just testing materials

  • How do the processes you have used relate to or change your view of textiles?

It has added a lot of depth to my understandng of textiles, I love how you can completely change the texture of a soft pliable yarn or cloth or piece of crochet and soliify it, use it as sculpture or furniture, change its use and appearance and meaning and story. I have loved this assignment!

  • In what wasy could you improve your aproach to the projects to help you develop more succesful, or pleasing samples?

Not sure about my approach, I think I have been pretty thorough, I didn’t run out of time, I researched and prepared and carried out all the experiments diligently. Endless money and a dedictaed space to work in would have helped as I had to do the sampling in my tiny kitchen!

  • How has your approach to research imroved throughout the course? refer back to “Ideas and making” and “Research” in the introduction

Not sure what Ideas and Making ans Research is being refered to here as I could not find any sections like this in the MMT course book? But all the same my research has become more focused on the subject at hand, if I think back now to my research at the very beginning of my course, I hae come a long way. I also use the artist’s research to inspire my work now.

  • Could you be more tenacious when confronted by errors or samples you don’t like?

I don’t think I was put off by errors or mistakes really, although I gave up on papier mache quickly, but I know the material quite well and could not see a proper way to use it during this assignment rather than being put off by it.

  • Do you need to be more sensitive in your use of colour or combinations of material qualities?

No I think I am pretty good with colour!



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