Jennie Caminada
3 min readDec 18, 2020

MMT3 feedback and reflection

Summary of tutorial discussion

Demonstration of technical and visual skills, quality of outcome, demonstration of creativity –

Jennie you have a good body of work here but I feel fundamentally you need to present your work in more depth, i shall explain this more below.

I am really glad to see that although you were apprehensive with the assignment you tackled each part positively and with energy. I am also really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the assignment and felt that you have learnt new techniques, processes and more about yourself as an artist/ designer. Well done.

I feel we were missing your own personal photography in this assignment. Where you consider the object/ material you are working with in relation to a space/ light/ scale/ abstraction/ narrative. These images take your work onto another level I think without you realising it. By curating an image in respect to space/ light/ scale/ abstraction/ narrative you are actually designing and developing a new idea. Please think about this and enjoy this process and share it.

The most successful piece for me was the scavenged pieces from the river Thames in the resin, the unexpected opaque quality worked very well here. The last piece that you tried to layer and improve on was very interesting and it was good to see you develop this and try to get to a conclusion. I found the wraps however became very decorative and they covered up all the lovely casting work you had done.

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis –

You are looking at some really interesting artists in your research. You choose good imagery that you personally respond to and you reflect well on these pieces.

I am not going to ask you again to think about a sketchbook and moodboard. I can see from the last feedback we talked about this and I made these suggestions and understand this is not something that interests you or you feel will help you. I understand that you have been trying to resolve this sketchbook / research situation for some time now.

I do however think it is important that you document your work for others to understand you more fully and therefore support and suggest things for your learning.

I think you should put all the research images you have selected onto one page. Think about how you might group them, in terms of colour, concept, scale, medium etc. ( it would be interesting for me to see them all together and for me to see why you have selected certain pieces )

It would be good for you to include images of the urban environment that interest you, your own photographs.

See the artist Richard Mcvetis instagram feed:

As you progress through the assignment if you see any links between the research images, your own images and the pieces you are making please put them in your learning log. If there are none then that is fine but please keep an open mind.

For the sorting part of the assignment please put all the pieces you have made on a table or floor. As before with the research images think about how you might group them, in terms of colour, concept, scale, medium etc.

Please film your work and explain the pieces if this is easier for you than writing it down. I would like to understand the scale, texture, weight of your pieces and also how you feel when holding them.

Well done, I look forward to your next assignment.

Jennie Caminada

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